Approval Process for RVSM Operation

The RVSM approval process for aircraft operators registered in Japan is as follows:

  1. Register point of contact to JASMA using Form F1
  2. Complete RVSM aircraft engineering requirements for RVSM airworthiness approval evaluated by the JCAB
  3. Receive RVSM airworthiness approval from State CAA.
  4. Upon receiving airworthiness approval, the aircraft is qualified for height keeping performance monitoring.
  5. Complete RVSM operations and maintenance requirements for RVSM operational approval evaluated by State CAA
  6. Receive RVSM operation approval from State CAA and report the operation approval to JASMA using Form F2

Note: Operators are requested to ensure that the required numbers of aircraft are monitored to comply with the ongoing periodical monitoring requirement. (See “RVSM” – “Minimum Monitoring Requirements”)

RVSM Approved Aircraft registered in Japan

  • JASMA RVSM Approvals as of 06 Jun 2024 (Excel)